After a successful inaugaural 2013 event, the Inferno is back for the 2014 season! The Inferno is an extreme obstacle course biathlon featuring a distance swim and is now offered in two lengths (13.1 miles or 6 miles). We've developed a number of challenging obstacles spread out over a rugged terrain in the scenic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. You'll climb hills, haul sandbags, flip tires, climb ropes and walls, traverse monkey bars, and now SWIM your way to the finish line! Come put yourself to the test at The Inferno, designed to push you to you limits!

  • FREE Camping for All Participants!
  • 2 Distances: Half Marathon AND 6 Mile Course
  • New Obstacles
  • Golden Tire Challenge
  • Volunteer/Founder Run now on Sunday
  • Difficulty. We strive to make our course one of the toughest challenges you'll ever encounter. As for our 6 miler, just because it's shorter, doesn't mean it'll be easy!
  • NO MUD! It's something we will not compromise on. We've said it once, and we'll say it again, mud is not an obstacle!

New! Come join us at our weekly Inferno workout in Portland! Get more information at

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"Definitely the hardest thing I've ever done, but I completed it in under my goal time!"

"This was harder than doing 2 Tough Mudder's back to back!"

"We finished! This was, by far, the physically hardest thing I've ever done! 13.1 miles, 21 obstacles, 200 meter swim. Log carry, 10ft vertical walls, tire flips, mile straight up hill? What do other people do with their mothers!?"

"This was definitely the most challenging race, physically and mentally, I've done. It even beat out my half iron-man!"

"I've done Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Terrain Mud Run, Hybrid Adventure Games, X-Dog Races, Columbia Muddy Buddy, the ORCC 10k series, Tough Mudder Seattle, countless halves, 10k's and 5 marathons? This was the most challenging course, and the most fun I've had in years running an event! All in all, one hell of an experience. I'd sign up for next year in a heartbeat!"

"My ankles!! But damn, I had fun doing that! Very well thought out and enjoyable course. I'm sure it'll be even better next year!"

"I'm excited! I have 25+ races on my 2014 calendar, but none quite as challenging as the Inferno!"